During the pandemic I realized some amazing things about myself. From realizing that fearing change is normal and can be exciting instead of scary, to realizing that making people feel as amazing as they look is a passion I can not walk away from. Last year I entered the healthcare field and have since realized that while I fully intend on completing my nursing degree, there is no way I can give up the joy and excitement that hair brings me. Seeing someone light up at the first glimpse of their new look with a smile that dazzles and shines as much as their new color is something that can’t be duplicated or replaced elsewhere. Knowing that the hour or so I spend with someone can change their entire day and even their entire outlook on their life gives me a sense of satisfaction and purpose that I have yet to find anywhere else. Color is my true passion in hair and I could spend hours on end formulating the perfect color for everyone I come across. From the time you sit in my chair my wheels start turning, formulating colors and placement to fit you needs and wants. I use high quality color for every application to ensure even saturation, grey coverage, and ultimate shine while maintaining the health and integrity of  your hair. From achievable everyday looks like grey coverage applications to multi-process color corrections I take my time to get to know you and find out exactly what it is you are looking for in your color. A thorough consultation at your initial appointment ensures we are on the same page and can map out a plan to achieve your color dreams. At each of your returning visits we will do another brief check up to ensure that you are happy with the previous application and see if there are any changes to be made, this ensures that you remain happy with your color not just on color day but for the entire time between your appointments too! Are you ready for a transformative color service? Are you ready for a color that fits your style, fits your needs, and makes you smile every time you catch yourself in the mirror? Then book your appointment today! Your complimentary consultation awaits, are you ready? I am so excited to meet you and I can’t wait for the opportunity to make you smile! Seeing you happy makes my day and lets me know that I am in the right place at the right time doing exactly what I was meant to do. I consider myself blessed to be able to meet the amazing people I get to spend time with on a daily basis and I can’t wait for you to be one of those people!